Holos team at the Natural Reserve System Fair

Posted by: Michelle Koo 2 years, 11 months ago


The UC Natural Reserve System hosted a food and music filled midday fair on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. Michelle and Heather of the Holos team demonstrated the site and answered questions from a broad range of visitors to the Ecoengine table, including members of the UC Office of the President and the UC Berkeley campus.

We had interesting conversations about how the Ecoengine project was a model for mobilizing data in multiple ways, geospatially online and programmatically through analytic software like R. Hopefully we also sparked future collaborations to build new tools and customized interfaces.

How about a Data Management Plan for biocollection metadata? Or a new Ecoengine tool that helps gather data sources for citing? This coming semester, the Ecoengine team hopes to engage student groups and other creative minds to build tools using the Ecoengine API and tools and see where that takes us!

Michelle Koo and Heather Constable discuss Holos at the NRS fair, 2015.

Photo by Lobsang Wangdu

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