Pollen Core Data

Professor Roger Byrne and his lab at UC Berkeley have worked for many years to reconstruct past environments and ecological change by collecting and studying fossil pollen found within sediment cores. They have collected over fifty sediment cores across California and western North America, from which representative pollen slides are now in the UCMP collection. Critical data associated with these slides is being added to the UCMP database, and will significantly improve our ability to reconstruct vegetation changes over the last 15,000 years. 

The pollen core data can be searched in the Explore tool by faceting on Observation Type = Fossil, Georeferenced = True, Country = United States, State_province = California, Kingdom = Plantae, or by using this link. Each data record will link directly to the UCMP database.

The Byrne team has recently released CalPayln II, an interactive data visualization site to produce stratigraphic paleoproxy plots and pollen diagrams at http://calpalyn.berkeley.edu/. 

Sediment cores photo by Hannes Grobe CC 3.0