Micrathene whitneyi (Efl Owl) by
Calphotos contributor Steve Zamek 

 Photographs with Locality Information 

CalPhotos has published over 470,000 digital photographs of plants, animals, fungi, landscapes, people and cultural subjects since 1995. Anyone can search this database by scientific name, common name or any of the associated data fields. All photos feature metadata, the original photographer, use and attribution information.

Many of these photos include species information with locality or GPS coordinates, which is valuable to researchers.The Ecoengine team georeferenced 53,121 photos in the Calphotos repository, which account for approximately 17% of all species observations in the collection. This collection is accessible and easy to explore through the Ecoengine under Observation Type: Photos.

The team also added 3,347 historical site photos from the Wieslander Vegetation Type Mapping project. This has inspired some photo retakes of historical sites to show how the environment has changed, or remained the same, over the last 100 years. 

South Fork Valley near the town of of the Isabella July 1927. Lake Isabella was created in 1953 by the damming of the Kern River. VTM Photo by L.M. Correll. Lake Isabella June 2013, VTM retake by J. Gross  Lake Isabella April 2015, VTM retake by J. Gross