Our Team

Thalasseus elegans photo by Glenn and Martha Vargas

Principal Investigators

  • Rosemary Gillespie, Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, Policy & Management
  • Charles Marshall, Professor, Department of Integrative Biology
  • David Ackerly, Professor, Department of Integrative Biology
  • Maggi Kelly, Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, Policy & Management
  • Michelle Koo, Biodiversity Informatics & GIS Staff Curator, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
  • Kevin Koy, Director, Berkeley Institute for Data Science
  • Craig Moritz, Professor, Research School of Biology (Australian National University)
  • Mary Power, Professor, Department of Integrative Biology

Staff & Engineers

Partners (more)

Larrimore Graphic Design

  • Sterling Larrimore


  • Karthik Ram, Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology Scientist

Stamen Design, LLC


  • Justin Kitzes
  • Mark Wilber

Data Partners

Essig Museum of Entomology

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

  • Carla Cicero, Staff Curator Ornithology
  • Ann Chang, AmphibiaWeb

University of California Museum of Paleontology

  • Diane Erwin, Museum Scientist (Paleobotany)
  • Pat Holroyd, Museum Scientist (Vertebrate Collections)

University and Jepson Herbaria

  • Staci Markos, Assistant Director for Development and Outreach
  • David Baxter, Biodiversity Informatics Manager

Department of Environmental Science Policy & Management

Department of Geography

Angelo Coast Range Reserve

  • Collin Bode, Critical Zone Observatory Data Manager
  • Peter Steel, Reserve Manager
  • Charles Post, Graduate Student

Sagehen Creek Field Station

  • Jeff Brown, Station Manager
  • Faerthen Felix, Assistant Manager

Hasting Natural History Reservation

  • Vincent Vogeli, Reserve Director
  • Mark Stromberg, Retired Reserve Director

Blue Oak Ranch Reserve

University of California, Davis, Information Center for the Environment

  • Jim Thorne, Research Scientist
  • Thuy N'Goc Le, Research Assistant

Graduate and Undergraduate Digitization Assistants

  • Arif Ali
  • Jareth Beckelman-Groves
  • Isaac Brazil
  • Kristine Cueva
  • Sarah Edwards
  • Tammy Dong
  • Ryan Hardenburger
  • Anna Hiller
  • Eric Holt
  • Evangeline Hsiao
  • Preethi Kandhalu
  • Sky Korber
  • Taylor Winchell
  • Alison Young
  • Crystal Lee
  • Jonathan Ly
  • Vickie Ly
  • Kelsey Lyberger
  • Melissa Mast
  • Emma Marshall
  • Natalie Mezaki
  • Jina Moon
  • Monique Picon
  • Molly Raven
  • Scott Simono
  • Maggi Soun
  • Sam Swayze
  • Carolyn Sy
  • Hannah Yokum

Students georeferencing in the Annie Montague Alexander

Map Room at the MVZ.

Photo by M. Koo.